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Friday, October 22, 2010

Juarez drug war news:

Originally posted to Dada's Diner, Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A group of armed men attempting to get away after killing someone in the ongoing border drug wars, became ensnared in a traffic jam in Juarez yesterday afternoon.

In a tactic that may warrant further study for people in a hurry, who find themselves surrounded by sheet metal ground to a standstill, and who just happen to have the family AK-47 assault weapon with them, it appears the cartel member's tactic to escape the tie-up may serve as a lesson to benefit other drivers in the future.

Shooting wildly at surrounding motorists while smashing up cars in their way may actually expedite one's exit from such a jam up. We know it works in the movies. Yesterday it worked in Juarez!

Sadly, however, five cars were badly damaged during the escape. And there are conflicting reports on how many were killed. The newspaper confirmed one woman, who happened to be in the area, as killed, and a man critically wounded. Witnesses, however, say as many as four people were killed by the shooters, apparently anxious to "get on down the road."

Of course, what keeps this drug war interesting, keeps you waiting on the edge of your breakfast chair each morning, is learning of the latest episode with the surprise of how different it can be from the day before. Like, today's story of shooting one's way out of a traffic jam after murdering somebody. It followed the weekend story of the discovery of three headless bodies found strewn on Juarez streets.

As a strong advocate for conservation in light of declining resources (and rising prices), I am tenaciously opposed to beheadings. That's because the the bodily remains were found in six, not three, separate plastic bags. This is very disturbing, that someone at the apex of today's 21st Century civilization, with the best Chevy Suburbans and Hummers, the best automatic weapons available, can be so environmentally unaware.

It is Dada's hope these perpetrators might consider packing severed heads in the same bags as their torsos. After all, we live in a New Age of Enlightenment and "Green is in!"

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